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Verification of credentials such as educational qualifications, previous work experience, criminal history and reputation of your existing and prospective employees specially in sensitive positions

Investigation of the life style, contacts in and outside the office, off-time engagements, extra employment activities etc. of employees in sensitive positions or suspected of disloyalty or of other misdemeanors towards your business

Development of systems and procedures to protect strategic business information (manual and/or computerised) from leakage or misuse

Provision of one-stop solution for various safety and security needs of an organization

Conduct security surveys and audits of the premis

Assistance in tendering, short listing and selecting suitable security agency and if required, monitoring their deployment and ongoing supervision

Provision of Electronic Surveillance Systems & Electronic Counter Measures Assist in identifying suspects of drug abuse by providing test reports on the subject

Checking out of your agents, suppliers, contractors, principals, business collaborators and customers for financial credibility, reliability, market reputation, litigation record, IPR/Brand protection capability, business history, track record for business relationship and any conflict of interest with your business.