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The Venus detective agency was founded by Akriti Khatri, the women behind this wonderful concept. Akrit, Venus Detective,i is passionate about her work and is always on a lookout for new challenges. She has an individual list of advisors and staff that handle different departments with regards to the investigations.

The Venus detectives are one of the best detectives with so much competition today.Investigators at Venus Detective rank amongst the top because of their affordability and nature of work. Expert detectives in Delhi showcase excellence and to the scale results. The company started small but today it revolves around all corners of India and abroad too in some delicate cases. It has been one of the top rankers when it comes to female investigation along with general detective services that they are providing. They have been featured in various newspapers columns and magazines, check out their Media [LINK] to know more about their achievements. Venus Detective works with a team of investigators having years of experience.

The Venus detectives are holding a huge share of the industry. They are one of the leaders of female detective agency with a  large base of satisfied customer. The popularity of the Venus detective is not confined to the India but many foreigners are making the documentary on it.  Akriti Khatri, the owner of the company Venus Detective, have received many titles like “The Nancy Drew of Delhi”, “Nayika” and much more. Venus Detective is the best female detective agency in Delhi.

Venus detectives are  growing and expanding their operations in the remotest of places and getting their network stronger. Every day there are hundreds of offers and applications to join from people wanting to make a career in Investigations. Now the people who dream of becoming a private investigator or private detective has the great opportunity of joining their training services. The Venus detective training will provide you with practical knowledge and detailed knowledge of how to work in detect. They will give you techniques and equipment and also let you learn basics of the business and target a market.