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Since the very beginning of mankind the gender roles had been set as women taking care of the domestic aspect of the household and men going out to do the difficult, heavy lifting. Moving ahead in time much change wasn’t brought to the scenario. Although women started moving out of their houses in search of work, the patriarchy present in the society worked as a hurdle at every step.

The scenario in the Private Investigation industry wasn’t much different till a few years back. With excessive amount of hard work and an increase in opportunities, females have now started to gain a strong footing in this industry. It is now being realized that women have many talents and advantages that help them excel in the requirements of this particular industry.

It is in the nature of women to take more interest in the daily lives of the people. This curiosity assists them to comparatively pick more information while remaining discreet at the same time. Talking and listening are both extremely important skills that every detective should posses. It is no secret that women are said to have a 6th sense. Such insight is invaluable when it comes to observing and analyzing human behavior.

Another added advantage for the female detectives is that they are more empathetic in nature and that plays a major role in majority of the cases. There are different perceptions when it comes to both the genders. A man asking too many questions would garner suspicion, whereas a woman doing the same thing would simply be perceived as her being extra curious. Women gossip and this stereotype helps female detectives gather crucial information during the process of investigation.

During the interactions they build a level of trust which is otherwise extremely difficult if not impossible for the male detectives to form. Versatility is an added advantage when it comes to women. There are many ways in which they can change and modify their looks to blend in according to the situation. The possibilities are countless when it comes to donning a new look as per the requirements of a particular case.

An open ear, an alert mind and an innocent smile take the investigation to great lengths, and women have mastered this exciting art of investigation.

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