The Category of the Agents depends on the Qualification & Experience of the Agents & type of the “Subject”. We are dealing with i.e., for a normal person, it will be Category “C” Agents. But for high profile, extra smart, hyper, or extra alert subject, we will deploy Category “A” Agents.

The charges for Category “C” Agents is Rs3,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).
The charges for Category “B” Agents is Rs5,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).
The charges for Category “A” Agents is Rs6,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

Terms and Conditions

• The above charges are for surveillance of a minimum of 7 to 10 Days.
• Understandably, the charges are more for less days work and less charges for more days work, as with longer assignments our agents un-deployed days are reduced.
• The charges are double for surveillance of 2 or less Days.
• The charges are 50% extra for surveillance of 6 or less, up to 3 Days.
• The charges are reduced by 10% for surveillance of 11 to 20 Days, 15% for 21 to 30 Days, and 20% for beyond 30 Days.
• The above charges are for Surveillance between 0800 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. (Day Time).
• The charges between 1800 Hrs. to 0800 Hrs. (Night Time) is double.
• The charges for surveillance on Holidays and Sundays are double.
• In case of surveillance out of the city of action, the charges will be double.
• During the surveillance, if the Subject moves out of the station and we are required to follow, the charges will be double and actual traveling, boarding & lodging expenditure will be borne by the Client.
• The Assignments once started are non-stoppable and the amount paid is non-refundable. Although you can choose days of surveillance according to your choice.
• A sum equal to 75% of the total charges shall be paid in advance.
• The balance sum of 25% shall be paid before 50% of the continuance of the Case.
• In case a daily/telephonic report is required, the full amount has to be paid in advance.
• Any balance/overtime amount shall be paid before giving of the Final verbal Report.
• Reports will be given through WhatsApp only. Time-wise written reports will be shared on next day.

Our Recommendations

We recommend 1 full week of surveillance and a counter check of 3 hyperactive days in the next week.


The Category “A” Agents are highly skilled and having long experience. They are generally deployed in very sensitive and serious cases where risks are high and special investigations need to be done. They use special HD quality devices for better quality resolution of pictures and videos.

The Category “B” Agents are skilled having long experience of working in our Agency, Part of This Team of 2-3 Agents are from the Category “A” above. They are generally deployed in Investigations that may not be very sensitive and serious cases and where risks are not very high and investigations are not very specialized.

The Category “C” Agents are Agents who have finished their training, are not very highly experienced. They are generally deployed in low sensitive and less serious cases and where highly experienced investigations are not required.

Our Expenditure on Surveillance

 Cost in Rupees
Choice & Categories of Agents as narrated in Surveillance ChargesPer MonthPer Day
Salary of Category "C" Agents @ Rs.15,000/- pm working for 25 days15,000/-600/-
Salary of Category "B" Agents @ Rs.20,000/- pm working for 25 days20,000/-800/-
Salary of Category "A" Agents @ Rs.25,000/- pm working for 25 days25,000/-1000/-
The Below Calculations are based on Expenses on Category "B" Agents @ Rs. 800/-  
Salaries of 2 Agents (At times 3 agents required) @ Rs.800/- X 2 1600/-
Daily Assignment Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.200/- X 2 400/-
Petrol Allowance of 2/3 Agents on 2 bikes @ Rs.200/- X 2 400/-
Food/Refreshment Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.100/- X 2 200/-
Grand Total of Cost on one Team of Detectives per Day 5000/-