Most of the time, I use to live out of state because of office work. My wife with my parents and one child lives in our house. It was two years of our marriage and she was good with me and my family. In two years I never feel like she is cheating on me or not behaving properly. After 2 years there were sudden changes in her behavior. I thought it was because of the workload at office and home, but things were getting worst day today. She started augmenting with my parents too. As it was so sudden, i.e. the reason behind this behavior can’t be understood. I tried to make things normal from my end, but suddenly she started demanding for divorce and left our house. In a divorce case, she also asked for maintenance charges to me. I only want to know about her sudden behavioral changes, before divorce case proceeding. So that I could have evidence in court I decided to hire a Private Investigation Agency Kanpur to monitor her activity and examine what she is up to.

In my Google search, I found Venus Detective advertisement. I opened the site. On search, I found many Venus Detective Reviews, which forced me to think over the decision before I hired them. After thinking a lot, I hired Venus Detective for my wife’s investigation case and thought to take a risk at once. After detailing my case, they approach for a week follow-up, in which things could be cleared. They told me that they would observe her activities for 7 days and provide reports, photographs, and videos for the same. They also told to provide evidence that would be admissible in court. With the clearance of all things, I made full payment for a daily basis report. They started working on the case.

I got the evidence that I need with the Venus team investigation. In their report, everything was clear with proper time division. It was a nice experience with them and I was happy that I took risk of hiring them for investigation service. Here I would like to tell people that it always not necessary that if a company had bad reviews so they would not work. Many times even competitors do that to defame the reputation of mine. I am also working in the corporate sector and well ever in the IT sector. Many times I had seen how people try to defame others, who are doing good. As per my experience, I would only suggest to don’t go with Venus Detective Review Noida, focus on their dedication and experience which make them still I the market. I would personally thanks them for great work and always recommend them for investigation work

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