Divorce is a very sensitive decision for anyone. Everyone wants to live a happy married life with their partners. Marriage is a strong bond one should not break it only for a few reasons. If there is any misunderstanding between the couples they firstly need to talk and try to clear all the problems. But due to some reasons, there may be a misunderstanding between the couples and they make the wrong decision in hurry. It is a very big decision for anyone. Once you decide to divorce it is not possible to take back your decision. There are many reasons for a divorce between couples sometimes it may be because of a cheating partner, family pressure, mutual understanding, etc. but the court has provided rights for the women’s they can get their expenses of survival. 

Under section 18 of the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 a Hindu wife has the right to claim maintenance from her husband in case if he is guilty, realize his fault, and accept his mistakes. Under section 25 of this act, it provides permanent alimony and maintenance from the husband for her wife and child. This helps in getting maintenance charges from the spouse side as per the court judiciary order made for the women’s. 

Divorce Maintenance is about the husband providing financial support to his wife’s living expenses during the separation. When they separate husband needs to pay all the expense of his wife as per court law. Divorce maintenance law is different in all religions. And it varies according to the law made by the court and everyone needs to follow the court law of divorce.

The divorce takes place when the end of a marriage is approved by the court. Divorce is confirmed with a mutual understanding of both parties. The wife is allowed to ask for maintenance from his husband, to

preserve herself and her child in some cases.

There are different rules of maintenance law religion to religion. The amount of maintenance is decided by the court depending upon the monthly income of the husband, monthly income of the wife, his financial status among other things. The amount is not fixed but varies according to the living of peoples. Many wives are dependent on their husband’s income for their survival.  Divorce case investigation and settlement in India the team of Venus Detective is capable of finding the truth if there is infidelity in your relationship. You have decided on discovering the truth, although it is hard. But when you got to know the truth and found your partner, spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend is involved in an extra affair. Then need to take a strict decision. Venus Detective helps in collecting evidence to prove your innocence in front of the court.

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