In many cases crime has no proof or evidence left which can be visible by necked eyes. Spotting the crime scene can helps a lot to find any evidence to solve the case. In crime scene Investigation the detectives arrives at the scene and investigate the overall area covered in crime scene. During investigation, Detectives tried to find out the arrivals and existing of the person before and after the crime scene investigation. When all the evidences are collected at the crime scene then it is send to crime lab for investigation and finding the proof. When the lab results are out then go ahead with the case. Crime Scene Investigation not only works for a particular place but it’s also works in the field. The main work of the crime scene investigators is to collect the evidences and send it to forensic lab for the investigation. So it is also necessary that crime investigators must have the knowledge of forensic science so that we can recognize the specific value of various types of evidence in the field during investigation. In crime scene investigation we have physical investigation after collecting the evidence from the crime scene. There is a typical crime scene along with the typical body evidence.

If we talk about crime scene, then the areas which are affected by crime scene investigation and the evidences collected in this area are depended on the crime under investigation. The crimes of violence, tells the detectives what happened at the crime scene but detective should be able to read the signs left by the criminals after their lot of hard work not to leave any evidence, signs left by the criminals left at crime scene include fingerprints, blood stains, bullets, bullet holes, tool marks, fibers, hairs, glass fragments, fingernail scrapings, DNA samples, as well as items added, overturned, removed or displaced. At Venus Detective Agency our private investigator are expert to process a crime scene for evidence and proof whether it is of any nature. This can be very hectic for the investigators to handle these types of the cases but there dedication to their work gives them success in these types of cases. To handle these cases, the detectives should collect evidences, which could easily give them result for their cases. Crime scene investigators are very hard working and focused to their wok as collecting the evidence in not so easy without lot of experience and understanding of the case.

Venus Detective Agency in Delhi is the best private detective agency in pan India with the team of experience investigators. Crime Scene Investigation is also a part of our investigation and our team is expert in handling these cases. We provide both personal and corporate case investigation. You can choose the service as per your requirements. We have true visionary and dedicated professionals. They are fully trained in the field of crime scene investigation. We use latest technology and gadgets available in the market for the investigation of the cases.

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