1. How much would a private investigation in India cost?

The accurate answer to this question cannot be given because the amount charged by the investigation firm for investigation depends on your choice i.e. which investigation agency you have chosen for solving your problem. And also it depends on what kind of investigation you have brought up. The initial private detective prices in Delhi for investigation also depends on the amount of  information provided by the customer and of course, it goes higher also. As per the industry price norms, the corporate investigations are charges more than the private investigations. There are few agencies who charge very less for conducting an investigation but of course, you have to ensure the accuracy and trustworthy factor of those agencies. Venus Detective always ensures adherence to quality and accuracy of the work.


2. How to find a reliable private detective agency?

This is a simple question to be answered. While choosing a detective agency we should always look into ensuring the accuracy and reliability/trustworthy factor of the detective agency. Before handing over our case and paying the private detective agency you should always look into the following facts:

  • The previous work history i.e. cases history of that agency
  • Success rate of the agency till date
  • Accuracy of the report provided by them
  • And the reviews by the clients

If you are looking in all of the four facts of Venus Detective you will always get a satisfactory answer.


How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in India?

The price charged by a private investigator depends on the skills and experience that the private investigator has or possesses. The fresher or entry level person in terms of experience in the field of the private investigation will charge less and those with very high and qualified skills will charge more. Of course it is always to go for well experience and well qualified private investigators because then only you can ensure the quality, accuracy and the reliability factor. But yes most of the time the cost of hiring a private investigator also depends on the type of case that you brought up for the investigation in Delhi as well as all over India..


How do i hire a private detective in Delhi for surveillance?

This again is one of the simplest questions to be answered. While hiring a private detective you should always look into his qualification and experience. One with more qualification and rich experience will cost you more for conducting the investigation. Before hiring a private detective you should always look into these following traits:

  • The qualification of the individual
  • The previous work history i.e. cases history of that agency
  • Success rate 
  • Accuracy of the report provided by him or her
  • And the reviews by the clients

These were the traits which would be necessary for surveillance cost in Delhi, India.


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