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detectives in mumbaiMumbai also was known as the city of dreams. It is one of the cities with maximum population than other cities. It is famous in many ways for some it’s famous for celebrities as a maximum of Indian Celebrities are based in Mumbai. It’s true that Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also the wealthiest city in India. As its rich in corporate sector too so they can avail the service of detectives in Mumbai. We have the best Private Detective Agency In Mumbai providing best results to its clients there. Our detective agency has highly professional investigators in Mumbai. They are covering the complete Mumbai city. The demand of detectives in Mumbai is high as its a big city and a lot of corporate sectors are associated with Venus Detective in Mumbai. We have different teams for different needs of people. Like we have the matrimonial detective in Mumbai, the corporate detective in Mumbai, Pre matrimonial detective in Mumbai, Post matrimonial detective in Mumbai, love affair detective in Mumbai etc.




Mumbai, the city of dreams has brought its share of good and bad experiences for the people. Thousands of people migrate to this mega-city each year and the numbers are just growing. With an increase in the inflow of people, there is more involvement happening in terms of business relationships, personal relations, and professional relations. People are meeting and traveling together and that leads to some kind of emotional attachments paving a way for love affairs, getting married, infidelity towards the spouse, cheating in business, etc. There is kind of jinx that has bought a lot of broken marriages or bad luck in business. Because of all these reasons, people are hiring services of private detectives in Mumbai to find if the person in question is genuine or not.

The Venus Detective Agency offers varied services may it be a corporate investigation, spousal investigation, fiancé investigation, business investigation or missing person investigation. We are one of the best and reliable detective agency in Mumbai also offering personal investigation with regards to the salary, qualification, family background, criminal records, bank status, etc. Today, with working couples staying away for longer periods of time, there is insecurity that lingers around their relation and frequent trips are not always possible. People are hiring our detectives in Mumbai to find details about the person even before they start dating for the fear of not getting hurt later on.

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps but you don’t have Sleepless Nights!

A lot of people are living by themselves so there is no chance of any family members having personal information about the person. The detective services are hired to find personal as well professional information of the person. Families are no longer looking for brides or groom in the immediate families due to increase in exposure to outside world. Parents are hiring the female detective in Mumbai to find information about the guy, their daughter is looking out for in matrimony website. There have been cases when the real information has been found and traced and many marriage offers have been turned off. Using detective services is really a boon when in any type of doubts whether personal or professional related.

We help you overcome your fears and live peacefully with your partner and do business without any complications running in your head. Make use of our professional detective services and get started for amazing future ahead. Our nominal rates attract many customers from all genres of life, we are authenticated and your identity remains confidential.  Mumbai is a big city, with big suburbs like Bandra, Dadar, Juhu, Vile Parle, Mulund and commercial hubs like BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex), Nariman Point, Bhuleshwar. People are traveling far and wide for business, it is important to get background check of the people and the businesses or companies you are dealing with. Get the best and reliable services with us today at very reasonable rates. Enjoy the Mumbai life and settle with the partner of your dream with a legitimate investigation and without being tagged as a Stalker.

The enthusiastic team of Detective Agency in Mumbai are keen in dragging the complete investigation on tracking the daily activity of the subject or the suspect who are involved in illicit activity.

Venus Detective Agency in Mumbai as professionals who deliver on time with complete confidentiality and secrecy maintained. The most trusted and reliable in Detective Agency in Mumbai is Venus Detective Agency. We have a dedicated team of trained detective or Investigation professionals.

The city of Mumbai is the financial capital of India, where there are 100% chances of fraudulence. We as Private Detective Agency in Mumbai offer you to rely on and to work together with our specialized and highly qualified investigators which are edifying and have sturdy knowledge and experience in their respective fields of expertise. We could describe our investigators as artists whose art is to collect and to analyze information as discreetly possible! We have an established network of male and Female Detective Agency in Mumbai, and researchers enabling us to successfully investigate matters on a large scale.

The Best Detective Agency in Mumbai who delivers detective services on time with complete confidentiality and secrecy maintained. The most trusted and reliable in Private Detective Agency in Mumbai We have a dedicated team of trained detective or Investigation professionals. All our investigations are presiding under the direct supervision of our accomplished investigators; data thus gathered is reliable and comprehensive.

It consists of a team of eminent aptness & experienced Agents having specialized experience in different fields of investigation. They are expert of investigation or Detective in Mumbai, confidential verification and inquiries for business, personal services, movable and immovable asset verification, corporate services including criminal investigation, consultancy Legal and specialized services are also being provided by our legal experts, along with Detective in Mumbai.

Our company provides solutions to clients honestly, quickly and cost-effectively relating to our services. As professional private investigators, we completely understand the need for confidentiality and sensitivity and can guarantee both. We yield a fast, coherent and reliable service to the legal bodies, business, and commerce throughout the Globe.

Our Detective Agency in Mumbai is capable to handle all kind of investigation cases like the matrimonial investigation or Detective in Mumbai, Corporate Investigation Service in Mumbai. We also serve to non-corporate (individuals) for their investigation and detectives need. The privacy and secrecy of the client is a must, therefore we understand to maintain your secrecy and privacy and it is not revealed. Our professional teams of detectives in Mumbai are experts in dealing with the situations whether it is a matrimonial enquirer, corporate matter, government or financial issue and even private investigations or business deals.

To become the largest and most reputed Detective Agency in Mumbai, Private Investigators, and provider in the country by providing consistent quality services to its patrons and we will provide you all the services. If you don’t see the service you require, contact our office. We can usually provide an alternative service that will produce the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who provides the service you need.

We are providing affordable Detective Service in Mumbai and record of providing required shreds of evidence in target time.

Venus Detective Agency welcome to spy on Premier Private Investigators and Detective agency if you are having Mumbai related problems and cannot discover the truth we are here to help. The Mumbai’s Personal and Corporate Investigators will solve your problems in personal and Corporate Cases. With many years of experience and a large network of invaluable contacts, you can stop worrying. All investigations are strictly confidential; you can remain anonymous if this helps.

Private Detective Agency in Mumbai are well aware that this is a very turbulent emotional time trying to decide whether it’s all in your mind the little things that don’t add up or are you overreacting? There probably is nothing wrong? Well, unfortunately, we cannot answer those questions unless we investigate them. The expert team of investigators studies the stories about customer’s experiences which is altogather unique, situations different, and circumstances vary.

Some emigrate to Mumbai and live long happy lives with loving partners and unfortunately, some don’t. Many people visit Mumbai to enjoy its culture and natural beauty. It is, however, a fact that Mumbai is a popular destination for those who are commonly known as “Illicit tourists” in Mumbai today this group of people is not exclusively male. In recent years Mumbai has become popular with western women seeking much younger partners or companions. The most common place to meet India’s is via the internet or bars. All we want to do is check that the person you are willing to give everything up for is the person that they say they are, we have many methods that we use to verify they are who and what you believe they are.

Private Detective Agency in Mumbai works either for the victim or for the defendant or his attorney in criminal proceedings. Serious crimes, which may lead to arrest and conviction of a subject, are the source of cases for the legal/criminal investigator. The cases where Detective Agency in Mumbai had to deal with legal cases are dealt more critically.

A modest Detective Agency in Mumbai is conducted either for the plaintiff’s attorney to prove liability or for the defendant’s company or business to prove the absence of liability or absence of a permanent serious injury. The Investigators accomplished through the use of surveillance (often video or photo), locating and inquiry witnesses, or trying to establish that a pre-existing condition caused or was aggravated by the injury or that the defendant was at fault.

A Private Detective Agency in Mumbai monitors what is going on in a work, investigate fraud within or outside the company, and provide due diligence investigations or pre-employment screening.

Our Private Detective Agency in Mumbai firm has earned the distinction of being most sought after private investigation firm. Client’s chosen us because we approach each and every case with a personal and human touch.

The Venus Detective Agency In Mumbai believe that our clients deserve: to be listened to with understanding, provided honest advice of how to address their concerns with the private investigation, discretion, professionalism, and to have all our company’s resources enlisted to bring the facts and truth to you.

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1. What are the services provided by Private Detective Agency in Mumbai?

Private Detective agency provides pre-marital, post-marital, personal and corporate investigation. They also conduct surveillance to investigate the person. Financial investigation case and missing person cases are also handle by detective Agencies.


2. Is hiring a Private Detective for surveillance is safe?

Detective Agency pays full attention on person confidentiality. When surveillance is conducted Detective put full attention on the subject, so that, no clues important for collecting evidence could be missed.


3. What is maximum time Detective required to conduct marital Investigation?

It all depends on the case and the difficulty of the case. It may take a week or a month depending on the case. The complication involved with your case decides the required time to solve the case.