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About Singapore

Singapore is also known as Island city. It is a Southeast Asia’s most modern city from earlier centuries. This city is a combination of Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indians and English cultures and religions. In Singapore traditional festivals and holidays is celebrated throughout the year. Due to this it is a hub of luxury hotels, detectable cuisine and great shopping areas. Singapore includes 58 or more smaller islands, which increases its beauty and attracts the tourist. Due to this, Singapore becomes a flourishing country whose economics depend on trade and tourism.

Singapore is both an island and a country, but its best describe as city-state. It also offers civilization and order in his highest degree. It is also a combination of western style and eastern style. Singapore is also the center of Asian business which is a model of efficiency. Singapore is ranked 6th out of 162 when we rank on the basis of safest and most dangerous cities. Some part of Singapore is very safe and some part is very dangerous. Singapore is considered as quite clean country compared to others. Singapore is a home to the world’s first night zoo. It is a city of Man-made waterfalls and is the tallest waterfall in an aviary till date. Singapore made racing history as world’s first ever Formula1 night race.

Although, Singapore is flourishing with the beauty of its Island from trade and tourism. There is ample of Private Detectives Agencies in Singapore running successfully catering the personal and corporate services.

Venus Detective in Singapore provides its client with accurate to their questions in a professional, confidential, and cost effective manner.

Venus Detective in Singapore focuses on the throughout development of long-term professional relationship and the development of our clients based on a philosophy of earned, trust and respect each other.

Services of Venus Detective Agency in Singapore

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation 

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation is to check the background of the bride or groom is to be. Marriage is all about correct choices, trust, understanding and bonding. Everyone before marriage is bit frenzied and nervous because of an unknown fear as to whether the marriage will work well and weather the spouse will be right. But nowadays marriage also become business for many people we can heard from our relatives and from newspaper many fraud cases in which bride or groom got married and left the place overnight with all the property. 

Nowadays people use newspaper, and many marital apps for finding their best match. So they are unable to know much about the family. So probability of fraud increases.To protects you from these fraud people pre marital investigation is important. From this you can understand the Girl or Boy and their family before marriage and take proper decision. 

Venus Detective Agency in Singapore helps the client to entitle the background check and take the right decision on marriage. We take out the information with utmost care thereby ensuring complete confidentiality and secrecy of our client. 

Post-Matrimonial Investigation 

One of the major tensions in people life is to see your partner is in extra marital affair. This can be understand through change in the behavior of your partner towards you, always on phone and hiding phone from you, mostly leaves out of house on business meeting, late coming in night, etc. 

In these cases when you have feel doubt on your partner you should take the help of Detective agency for post matrimonial investigation. In earlier age relationship is to be major concerned, there is nothing wrong with t if it is a thing of the past. The most important thing after marriage is to be faithful to your partner. 

Venus Detective agency in Singapore have different method’s to solve post matrimonial investigation includes discreet surveillance, undercover, etc to obtain the valuable evidence for our clients we need to have this, we also keep it for our further consideration. 


It is a close observation of a person activity basically when we have suspection on a person to find the evidence regarding him. In surveillance we are monitoring the behavior, activities or other information of a person. In surveillance we use spy cameras or make videos of the person on whom me have suspect. Surveillance also includes mobile investigation in which the Subject is followed by an investigator on foot or in a vehicle. 

The need of surveillance is in public places as they ensure public safety because in surveillances we use spy cameras due to which criminals don’t doubt and we can easily catch them without any public interference.

Venus detective agency in Singapore is major area so that people can leave freely and have no issues. It also uses to keep the record and the information on the peoples we have doubt. 

Divorce Case

In divorce case many people think it is an individual decision but it’s not like that. In these cases whole family involves weather it is girl’s family or boy’s family. In these cases both individually proof them correct but the reality is different from its shown. 

Venus Detective Agency in Singapore helps the individual to collect evidence against their partner and proof their innocence in court. It also brings the reality of each partner and the truth comes out. We have an experienced team who work this project. We understand the law that’s why we understand your problem easily. In many cases we clear the doubts of the partners so that they can live happily with each other.