Pre-matrimonial enquiry means to know about your spouse before marriage through the third party source. In today’s world of fraud where marriage also becomes the part of business for some people, sp pre matrimonial check is important.  Marriage is a beautiful thing happen in a person’s life but what if by your silly mistake it becomes the worst thing. One option left after that is Divorce which reined not only partner’s life but also their families’ life gets affected.  As we are living in the age of internet some people met on social sites and decide to get married. In these cases it’s difficult to find the whole truth of spouse. So to protect yourself from fraud after marriage take the help of Private detective investigator to find the truth of your spouse and their family. Everyone is nervous before their marriage thinking whether their marriage will properly work or not. 

If you think deeply than there would be lots of point to not trust on the individual completely. So to clear your doubts, the major points that cover under the pre-matrimonial enquiry are- First we start from the background check of the person which includes family members, their reputation in society, occupation, and etc. could be found out easily. Second is health status of the person. As we all understand that health is wealth. So it’s important to check if a person is suffering from some major disorder. Third is social reputation of the person. There relation with their friends and relatives. As buying a degree is a common nowadays. Proper check of educational background of a person is important. Whether the person is involved in a criminal background or not is also an important point to be checked. 

At Venus Detective Agency on Delhi we work with an immense experience. We provide the pre-matrimonial investigation services in all major metro cities. We help our clients in proper background check of their spouse. So that clients can make proper decision of their marriage. Our first priority is client safety so we properly maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of our client details.

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