When you are approaching for Investigation case then patient is very important. There are many cases which take lots of time to reach any decision. So the peoples approaching for the Investigation should keep very patient and understand the time that is required in their case. There are many cases which takes lot of time, as the complexity of the case is more. So, the Detectives should understand the case properly in depth before starting the case. If the case is understood properly in depth, then it reduces the complexity of the case and also reduces the time to be taken for solving the case. Investigation is the work which has no proportion that we will get only positive result, some time we can also have negative result. It is correct that most of the time we have positive result, but not all the time. So for proper result, you can contact to Venus Detective Agency in Delhi. At Venus detective Agency our team work with full enthusiasm and try to solve the case properly. As we understand the value of the time and money of our clients. We try our level best to give report in minimum time we can. At our Detective Agency the Investigator working for Investigation cases are well trained and understand the key points of the case. The cases which needs video surveillance and physical surveillance, requires keen eyes and sharp mind to concentrate on the each and every activity of the person and find something suspicious about the person. Other Investigation services like inquiry about some person skip tracing Investigation, cyber crime Investigation, Pre-marital Investigation, missing person Investigation  and other required some time to solve the case. So, in this type of Investigation patient is important from both side the clients and the Investigators. When surveillance is conducted whether it is video surveillance or physical surveillance both need lot of concentration. Surveillance is basically conducted to observe every activity of the person and the suspicious in those activities. This is not as easy as it should be done without coming into the subject eyes. If the subject observes that someone is keeping eye on them, then they will alert and it will be difficult to find the suspicious activity about the subject. At Venus Detective Agency in Bangalore our Investigation teams are expert in conducting Surveillance cases and have lot of experience in this field. In surveillance the photos and videos of the subject are also given. If there is something fishy then the investigator observe it and provide photos and videos to the clients. Surveillance makes the case easy and the culprit can be easily cached. The Detectives working in Venus Detective Agency are highly trained and knows the tricks to conduct surveillance in best ways without coming into the subject eyes. The Investigator working with our Detectives Agency is both physically and mentally strong and knows how to handle any case. We also conduct surveillance using Detective tools and spy gadgets which make the investigation easier.

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