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India is a country where marriage relationship,family, rituals & tradition all play a vital role each individual  life over here.Lifestyle trends and requirement of the mass has changed drastically along with the development of  technologies. Vedic Indian culture was slow and confined. Indian society has scattered from joint and extended family to nuclear family, similarly, the concept of marriage has also been changed.

Indian cultural context  is perfectly ethical. “The matrimonial concept is very different from the Western one. You are sending your daughter to someone’s house, so you need to find out where she is going. Marriage is the bond of two people along with two families.When we are discussing a IT hub metro city of India like Hyderabad, the relationship gets a less space. The crowd in Hyderabad is basically technocrats whose working hours are  nine to nine, hardly any time for the relationship. Love marriage has become common in today’s’ generation but loyalty honesty of a person is always on a toss. Whether it’s a love or arranged marriage loyalty check is must before starting a fresh relationship. Here comes the real ground of work for a detective agency.

Most of the Detective Agencies in Hyderabad are having confined clients of  IT professional & Businessman who are keen to know if their partners are having illicit relations.The main constraint of the Detective Agencies in Hyderabad is specialization in handling matrimonial issues. A troop of well trained & qualified professional staff of detectives works under PAN India presence. An ample of registered detective agencies run in Hyderabad with a guarantee of 100%  confidentiality.

Amongst all surveillance, Matrimonial investigation includes following assignments.

  • Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-Matrimonial Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Loyalty Test Investigation
  • Background Check
  • Physical Surveillance


Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

We are living in a society, in which we are always answerable towards each other. In the same time we all aimed a healthy, beautiful and peaceful atmosphere all around but today in our society everywhere we found flood of Crooks nowadays, so think twice before getting married or finalizing of Matrimonial Allianz with strangers and it is advised that you should verify their overall background of the family and prospected bride/groom bride so that your son, daughter or family members can live their life happily forever.

A growing number of Indians are hiring private detectives to check up on a prospective bride or groom’s character, sexual history, and finances before marriage.

Detective Agencies in Hyderabad say they’ve seen a huge rise in pre-matrimonial investigations to check a suitor’s background because more people are meeting online and families are less involved.

Detective agencies in Hyderabad has stated that “Most of our clients are IT professionals and businessmen who are keen to know if their partners are having illicit relations with their colleagues or friends. Interestingly, there are some to-be in-laws who are also considering hiring detectives on Valentine’s Day to gather details about their prospective sons or daughters-in-law,”

Mentioned below are the major points for verification:

  1. Financial Strength
  2. Social Status / Reputation & Greediness
  3. Any Previous Marriage
  4. Any Divorce in the past
  5. Any Love Affair (Past or Present) of Boy/Girl
  6. Job/ Business Profile
  7. Habits & Drug Abuse
  8. Temperament of the Boy/Girl (Most Important)

Satisfactory answers for the points mentioned above can give you a peace of mind and a Go Green Signal for your further Proceedings of Marriage / opening of new happy relationship for our Beloveds with 100% Confidence.


Post-Matrimonial Investigation

In India, it is still common for the bride to live with her in-laws after her marriage.Hyderabad has often marked a large crowd of nucleated IT professional couple, who spend half of their time at the workplace. The workplace has become more familiar to either of the couples than their own home. Due to lack of quality time for each other, it’s found difficult for a couple to understand each other requirements. Ultimately the couple shares an indifferent life, although staying and sleeping under the same roof. Neither they share their ideas nor they get moments to give a thought of their present and future life of togetherness. So all this weird and unbalanced marriage ruin the life of both along with the kins related to them. Lack of quality time and understanding creates the most disastrous constraints that are extramarital affairs and disloyalty. Undoubtedly lifestyle and trends have changed a lot,but the end of the day being a living of flesh and blood we got a heart at some corner in this fast forward life. We need someone who tackles us when an individual doesn’t get that comfort at home he/she search that lacuna outside the home. This is the main reason behind the breaking relationship or marriages.

Despite variation of love and arranged marriage, we find a separation due to many weird reasons, which is beyond our imagination. At the time its found previously loved pairs separate after marriage all because they can’t stand and cope the deflecting life.

Rising infidelity has also been keeping the undercover agents in Hyderabad are on their toes. The detective agencies in Hyderabad have observed it is the women who avail of their services more than men. If the two have different work timings or spend less time together, chances of infidelity are high. Thus, IT and business professionals form the majority of the clients.

A handful of detective agencies in Hyderabad blame it on television soaps, and also films for the increase in such fidelity cases. Mainly housewives are getting addicted to television serials. They are deeply influenced by the twists and turns in the never-ending story. They draw ideas from these serials, which focus on how to cheat the spouse, denigrate and play the blame game on each other.Mother-in-law torches and disputes related to in-laws is very rare in Hyderabad.

The horde of personal investigation services offered in Hyderabad  includes cases of child custody, extramarital affairs, cheating spouse, finding evidence of adultery, pre and post matrimonial substantiation, marriage, and debugging counseling etc.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation in Hyderabad is mostly corporate affairs(extramarital affairs with colleagues/friends).

Divorce Cases Investigations

In today’s reality overview says that Divorce cases are expanding step by step. It is not just the female that records for a separation against her spouse yet men too are similarly documenting and whining to get the same. Indeed, even the same is being seen and that in the greater part of the cases, the cases made are not genuine and they all are developed only for the sole purpose of getting the separation. A reasons’ portion can be (property, cash, support, other relationship and so on). Additionally the same is being seen with changing environment the issue has been raised to changeover for the purpose of self.

A detective agency in Hyderabad reportedly said ”If there should be an occurrence of a young lady documenting separation argument against her spouse, we find out – her in-laws conduct with her, their reputation in the area, social & money related status, family foundation, any badgering/cold-bloodedness being subjected to her, medicinal wellness, any negative behavior pattern, her spouse’s constancy and so for.”

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