Loyalty test is one of the best ways to get `A Peace of mind in which we conduct Surveillance of the subject

loyalty test Venus Detective Surveillance is the life-breath of the investigation. It is one way, which puts the whole individual in front of you like an open-book. Regular surveillance of an individual for some time brings out everything in and around him. For this purpose, we have trained and experienced workforce and sufficient apparatus. We can say this with confidence that we are the most well-equipped company and our surveillance has substantive evidence.

We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as a company run by professionals. We are in this trade from more than two decades and handled all types of cases whether it belongs to corporate sector or on -corporate sector. We offer a wide range of comprehensive work for the clients in India and all over the world. The work includes on confidential investigations / such as
We also conduct confidential enquiries in an utmost discreet manner to discover hidden truth. Our method of conducting enquiries is so meticulous that even our direct approach to the subject creates the least doubt and that is possible because of the cover stories we take. We are always quick to come up with an alibi.

We also do videography and still photography and provide video and photographic evidence wherever possible. We have in a way become addicted to the thrill of the search and the joy and celebration of the reunion.

When we receive a call to find a missing friend, high school buddy, girlfriend, boyfriend, military companion, acquaintance or lost love.

loyalty test in delhi

  • Step No.1 – Identify the suspect.
  • Step No.2 – Observing the activities and habits of the suspect.
  • Step No.3 – We will send our agents to build friendship and relationship with the suspect.
  • Step No.4 – Agent will make video and photo of everything happened between them and in the surrounding of the suspect.
  • Step No.5 – This process is quite long but successful.