Personal Training Course

Our personal training course involves a two-day training process in which you get training from the most experienced investigator in your locality or area. People from different places choose sometimes centers away from their locations to learn differently, have confidence and learn in a new environment. You complete the course by the end of two days course duration after passing the submissions.

Course structure:

Our course is designed to give you practical knowledge as also at the same time allowing you to gain insights on techniques. We groom you to be a perfect investigator!

You gain:

  1. Knowledge of real life cases and how to work on them.
  2. Knowledge to set up your own business that includes setting up your office, services, security, etc.
  3. Knowledge of working on private investigation. How to use databases and other Internet services to find details.
  4. Development of your investigation skills – helping you go to basics and learn to get results if you do not get results by using modern technologies.
  5. You get to learn about public and corporate aspects of the Industry. Most investigators work in Public industry that is finding fraud partners etc, however there is more in depth to study about corporate world that gets to the deep causes.
  6. Insights on equipment of the trade including audio equipments, cameras, trackers and more.
  7. You will gain knowledge of how to start working on cases. Finding information about missing persons, process serving, dept collections, unfaithful partners or criminal proceedings.
  8. You will gain knowledge about surveillance and Interview techniques – planning the process and also knowing its pitfalls. You also learn here about body language indicators and statement taking.
  9. After learning the very aspect and the depths of Investigation business you learn how to start your own investigation agency. You get very knowledge on – How to advertise, market and promote your business. You will also get knowledge of writing a Business plan.

Different clients have different investigation purposes. A corporate client may require details about companies while on a personal level; some may want to find reasons of gaps in relationships. We teach you how to cater to clients of different stature and levels and overall how you can grow, market and promote your business.

Once you complete the course and set up your own business and if you are stuck, you will get support from us at whatever level you want. We provide personal and professional references for our students once they clear the exams.

Any further questions, you can refer to our FAQ page. You can sign up for the course by sign-up online form. Our representative are available to chat online, just hit the “chat now” option. You can directly contact us for any further queries.

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