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The cases of presenting wrong details about the past employer and salary structure, in lure of getting a job, is the most common fraud being running in the corporate environment from years. It is a serious offense and must be taken care of, as putting such a dishonest person in your company may also lead to big losses, if he is not loyal before entering the company. There are more chances that cases of fraud in the company may arise through these people.

So don’t only believe in the long resumes, but go through the authenticity of the details as well. And in this, we at the detective agency in Delhi , offers the genuine investigation about formal education attained, schooling, qualifications earned, admissions and examinations attempted. Because before hiring a person, it is advisable to make a proper check for his identity and the actual details.
And so we, at the detective agency in Delhi, provide the investigation services to help the corporate for finding the authenticity of an individual. We are one of the popular background check companies, who focus on tracing the true facts about an individual and present it to the employer so that they will be sure that the concerned person is showing his facts transparently.

The details about the job title, job description, responsibilities handled and real reasons for quitting the job with attendance records as well are the necessary factors which we find for you. The best part is that we will deliver the true information directly from the past employer to you. So you don’t have to worry about the relevancy of the facts being provided.
The professionals with us have immense knowledge and expertise of their domain and will serve the employers with the employment verification check of their employees, which are working or going to join them. There are 2 kinds of the employment verification that generally followed by the industries, which are post and pre-employment. It counts for the criminal records, bankruptcy, references, credit checks, medical records, drug testing and many similar ones.

So the background check is not only for the educational qualification, but it also counts for the overall personality and habit check of a person. To be aware of the lifestyle of a person, so that it will not affect you and your organization’s performance, later on, is a smart decision. So if you are hiring a team, be sure to have a check before, to be at less risk.

You can undoubtedly trust us for having an employment check, as we are highly dedicated to offering you the best of the service, at DETECTIVE AGENCY IN DELHI. Our clients will never be unsatisfied with the service we offer .

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