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In the Indian context carrying out an investigation is not an easy task. This is especially true if you want matters investigated relating to matrimony, family disputes, and character investigation. This is simply because, despite the apparent patina of modernity in Indian society, it is still traditional and convention-bound. Investigations using male detectives can come up against a wall for the simple reason that women will simply not open up their hearts to men. It is true that women love to gossip and impart secrets but only to other women.

If you plan to carry out investigations where important information can be gleaned from women, it is better to employ female detectives for the purpose. Even in modern cities across North India and in South India, strangers or male detectives simply cannot approach women in their houses for questioning and to find information. The women simply refuse to meet or the men will not allow strangers to meet women in their house. Muslims following the purdah system, Rajasthani traditional families and families in rural areas are quite rigid in this matter. A female private detective gains an easy entrée in such cases. Women also find it easier to talk with women and disclose confidential matters. In sensitive matters such as abuse of women, rape, divorce and pre-marital investigations, a female private detective can worm out information from women that men simply cannot access. Women understand women.

Then there are cases of gaining admission to offices and to officials. It is easy for the underlings to refuse entry to men but when a positive, confident and aggressive female private detective demands an audience, it is hard for anyone to stand in her way.

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