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Almost every one ask us “Are we a licensed Private Investigator?”

Indian government never provide license for private investigator.

We can register a company and run our business, but nobody can register a company and list private investigation as a business objective. Though there is no licensing of Private Investigator in India.

Most of the private investigation firms claim to be a licensed private investigator and I am shocked that, even a literate people believe in them. They even don’t bother to analyze the facts and know the actual thing. Have you ever thought that if one is claiming they are licensed private investigators then from where and with whom?

If someone is claiming that they are licensed from the Indian government, then they are fooling you and lying to you. Many agencies in India mislead people in the name of Emblem. People should be aware of them and not fall into their trap.

Each day We have a lot of calls of customers who are being trapped in the name of a licensed private investigator. Here is some suggestion which would help to investigate your investigator before you trust them regarding the case.

I have one example, two days back, I got a call person asking, “Are you a Licensed Private Detective?, I am only looking for license Private Detective Agency?” A smile comes on my face seeing the people demand without understanding the exact need. How to explain them, Private Detective is not a license in our country. Private Detective can take a business license to run a private investigation firm. If we say yes we are license Private Detective based on the business license would it be fair with people?

No one wants to understand the exact difference between a business license and a Private Investigator licensing. The government of India does not provide a license for a Private Investigator. You can take a business license to run your Private Investigation firm. If any agency claiming we are license Private Investigator. You need to understand, they are just fooling you in act of making money.

Notwithstanding, simply having an enlisted organization, whereby that organization has a “permit to operate” to work together in India, as I would see it is deceiving to guarantee an individual is an “authorized private agent” in light of only an overall permit to operate. You should explore the causes of your private agent. Do they have an enlisted organization? Do they disclose to you their genuine name? Easily, you can check the enlistment date of their webspace name by a web “Who is” administration, and contrast that with how long of experience they guarantee to have. Likewise, verify whether their web area name is anonym zed or uncovers who they genuinely are.

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