Background Check is important for both private and corporate investigation. It is very common sometimes we are not able to find the right person, it may be for organization purpose or matrimony match. Sometimes it’s hard to be the judge a person from our end. A background check provides opportunities to investigate a person’s educational qualification, criminal record, employment history, and past activities to confirm credibility. A background check is very basic but important to investigate any person. There are different types of background checks performed to identify the facts.

  • Employment Background Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Personal Background Checks
  • Matrimonial Background Checks

Employment Background Check- Employers run background checks to avoid hiring the wrong candidates in their organization. Employees are the main assets of any organization. They can lead the organization towards growth and also can lead to a loss. So it is essential to have an intelligent and talented employee in the organization. Background checks are conducted when someone applies for a job or if you have doubts about any working employee. In background checks include educational qualification, criminal record, medical history, credit history, and previous work history.

Criminal Background Check- A criminal background check is often required when an organization needs to know about the criminal activity of his employee. It also includes a fraud investigation. The criminal investigation also is done for the matrimonial investigation. People want to confirm firstly is there any criminal record or fraud case against the person.

Personal Background Check- Personal background checks are conducted to evaluate itself is there any criminal record, fraud case, or any other activity registered in your name on the offender database. It helps in finding your mistakes and help to improve it.

Matrimonial Background checks– A background check is conducted for the matrimonial investigation to find out the information about the bride/groom. It helps to uncover the facts which are remaining unknown and important to know. In the matrimonial investigation, the points cover are- educational qualification, criminal record, social record, financial record, alcohol/drug abuse, relationship status, and other activities.

As we already know trust is the main factor. Nowadays it’s very difficult to judge any person only from some parameters. If you want to know that person better, need to conduct a proper investigation and after that evaluate he/she is a good person or not. Venus Detective helped many in the background check investigation and provided the best investigation result. We help peoples in taking the right decision and take care that they do not involve in a trap.

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