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A Detective find the truth from every point of view. They relate one think to another and the situation too. This help them to solve the mysteries and tackle out the truth. Detective needs to find out the connection which help them to find the truth. It is obvious that that every Investigation services need to have evidence and proof. Without these two there is no value of the Investigation. Everything need a proof. A person citing in Dubai and inquiring about another person living in Delhi. He want to know the activity of the person as he had doubt on his activity. So in this case he surely need evidences with the person report. So that if he had to prove it in his commitment than he must have evidences which are admissible in court. Apart from all this, the person for his own self satisfaction need photos and video to be satisfied with the report. It is the job of a Detective to collect facts and figure and handover the same to the clients. Venus Detective in Goa work on people cases and collect proper update of criminal with photos and video which help to bring the truth out.

A dedication and commitment is required in the work of a Detective. Detective needs to observe the facts instead of judging it. Detective listen to everyone points patiently and then keep their own point of view matching every people accounts. They work is to find out the fact and solve the mysteries which are unsolved. The Investigator working at Venus Detective in Bangalore are committed to work on every case with historic point of view and tackle out the truth. It’s different to have every person view at same point. Detectives work in a team, set their position at different location, gather all and try to resolve the issue. It help in finding the truth and catching the criminal with their criminal activities. The Detectives give priority to the facts not to the conflicts. All suspects are evolution of various character which involve both victim and the criminal. A Detective has to choose both right and guilty with their Investigation 

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