Corporate Investigation

corporate investigation in ludhiana

Corporate Investigation is a very wide term which includes both Internal and External Investigation such as Anti-Management Activities, Manipulation of Accounts, Stealing important and confidential information etc.

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Employee Verification

employee verification in ludhiana

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana possesses a team of professional detectives who are highly experienced to handle cases pertaining to Internal frauds, Theft by employees, Misappropriation of information and Industrial Espionage, Copyright, Patent, and Trademark infringement.
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Matrimonial Investigation

metrimonial investigation in ludhuana

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana guarantees to deliver highly safe and confidential investigating services for one’s life or about its partner before and after marriage in a very secret and transparent way with proofs.

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sureilance in ludhiana

Surveillance is the cornerstone of many investigation businesses, and it is the successful conduct of surveillance that makes or breaks their reputation and, therefore, their ability to make a living. Let me make Venus Detective Agency surveillance techniques clear to you so that if you are hiring our services you can understand better our techniques.
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Detective Agency in Ludhiana

About Ludhiana

detective agency in ludhianaManchester of India, Ludhiana city is well-known as the industrial hub of Punjab, whose roots go back to the 15th century. This vivacious city has turned out to be a colorful bouquet of different cultures, gratitude to its industrial prominence. The innovative & creative urge of the Ludhiana is noticeable itself beautifully in various industrial activities.

Still, the city is bubbling with enthusiasm and wants to be heard, even in snatches. We have come up with this web directory. However, Ludhiana claim to fame is not its commercial enterprises alone. It is an important pilgrimage center as there are many historical Gurudwaras. Ludhiana offers a mesmerizing quick look into the world of machines tempered with a thriving human touch.

Ludhiana comes under the first list of 20 cities to be developed in 2016 under the smart city project.
The idealistic envision features such as assured electricity supply with at least 10% of the smart city’s energy requirement coming from solar sources; adequate water supply, including wastewater recycling and stormwater reuse; solid waste management; rainwater harvesting system; and smart metering.


Private Detectives Agency in Ludhiana

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana has wide experience in helping investors, investment bankers, large and small corporations to map competitors, vet current companies under evaluation and provide thorough facts and figures to help make more informed decisions about their future India strategies.

If the instinct of disloyalty or unusual activities has to be caught at a very initial point so that we can avoid future complexity. Experience has shown that if a complete investigation has been conducted, fewer problems occur after the investment. If the investigation has not been done or has been done improperly, problems may soon arise after the investment.

This kind of investigation is not merely reading the related articles but also understanding the related company’s situation and more importantly being familiar with the management team from a thorough and detailed analysis.

To Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana, quantity plays an insignificant role in our working methodology. It is felt in Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana that quantity might bring in revenue and enhance affluence but remains barren of job satisfaction and self-esteem and invariably client satisfaction remains deprived.

The most important overall skill to possess as a private investigator in India today is the ability to conduct in-depth interviews and then write detailed objective reports of your findings. These reports and memoranda of interviews could be the key documents in some form of litigation and could mean the proverbial difference between life or death for many of our clients.

We are backed by a troop of bluestocking detectives and other office professionals to make the client’s report a written piece of effort for investigation.

External Investigation prevents criminal schemes originating outside the company, Formation of Unions and their activities against their management, loss of company assets through fraudulent billings of Products through suppliers, short supply inventory contracts, checking agents, distributors small & big, due diligence of Dealers, Suppliers, Vendors also become the subject matter of investigation.

At times the competitors move, mergers takeovers split territories are to be scanned. Talent Piracy from other corporate is also a matter of attention. Installing Counter Espionage measures within the corporate and activating espionage system outside is also falls within the purview of Corporate Investigation. Security Deployment and review is also looked into. NDCC provides both methodology and manpower to accomplish this specialty.

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana offers a complete package of employment screening services including verification of credentials & references and character evaluation.Each check of a candidate is aimed at providing most accurate & current information available that is summarized and provided in an easy to read investigative report.

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana can provide results quickly and efficiently as we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain required information and risk losing the potentially valuable member of staff.

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana goal is to provide fast, accurate as well as cost-effective information as and when you require.
Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana, corporate Investigators carry out evaluations of these employees considered to be at these “risk positions”

A comprehensive report is submitted on their background, criminal record, previous employment history and education qualifications submitted to you

Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana provides a detailed report on subject’s social behavior and known associates is also submitted giving you total peace of mind.

Numerous marital criticals develop problems due to the suspected activities of married couples due to unrevealed information. Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana Marital investigation services include pre-marital & post-marital inquiries. From checking out the personal & financial details of a marriage prospect to exploring the possibilities of extra-marital affairs, we offer our world-class investigative capabilities to find the right information every time for our customers.

For all matrimonial investigation tasks, Venus Detective Agency in Ludhiana has some accomplished investigating professionals, who can be your friend to gather all details regarding your love Pre and Post marriage with him or her.

Surveillance by Venus Detective Agency is the surreptitious (unseen) observation of a person, people, or site. Venus Detective Agency does the Surveillance, that can be recorded by written notes, dictation, still camera, or video camera. There are numerous elements in conducting a successful surveillance. Many of these will be discussed in detail on our blog, but there are four critical aspects that we always follow, the lack of any of which will render our surveillance unsuccessful.


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