As day by day technology is upgrading, there are many technologies used for the investigation purpose Surveillance technology is one of them which is used for the identification, monitoring, and location tracking. Surveillance is an observation process that involves continuous monitoring of the actions. Surveillance of any person is always done keeping private especially one under suspicion. Surveillance is done according to one’s needs. There are many types of surveillance like computers, Telephones, Cameras, Social network analysis, bio metrics, and corporate, human operative. Surveillance is the process of investigation in which the investigators are trained to keep eyes on the suspected person and monitor its behavior, activities. The investigation process includes observation from distance by using electronic equipment like CCTV camera, phone tracking. In the surveillance, the team of investigators keeps an eye on the suspicious person and monitors the activities of the person. The investigators track the person observing the activity. The private investigators help people to find out the truth and exact activity of the person. Detective Agency in Lucknow helps to find out information about the person. In this team of investigators take the position which is assigned to them and keep eye on the suspected person, monitor activity and try to gather information and evidence. Evidence is used as proof against the person. There is a well-trained investigators team that helps to collect the proof. The collected evidence can be used in legal procedures also.

The private investigators are trained persons who help peoples in finding out the truth. The private investigators are hired to find out the activities and monitoring of the person people hire private investigators. The team of investigators is allocated to follow up on the suspected person and keep eyes on his behavior, activities, and relations. There are many different investigators are assigned so that they can keep eye on the person and gather information. The team of investigators is well trained, active and keep secrete their identity.  Detective Agency in Singapore helped many peoples in gathering information. The evidence was acceptable in court. The investigation team keeps an eye on the suspected person and monitors their activities without knowing them. Investigators helped them to collect the evidence and information. The investigation team keeps things private.

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