Pre Matrimonial


Marriages are certainly a gamble and one could lose in the event of accepting the attractive and appealing bio-data of candidates matching blindly. As one of Detective Agency in Jalandhar more commonly requested services, we carry out a special service assisting you in taking the right decision by checking and verifying the details and information given to you by the other family.

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Post Matrimonial

post matrimonial

One of the major reasons for the increasing pressure in married life is the suspicion of an extramarital relationship of either spouse. Detective Agency in Jalandhar unearth the truth and bear the realities thus putting forth a much clearer picture enabling you to take the right decision.

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Employee Verification


Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar offers a full package of employment screening services inclusive of Pre-Employment Verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation.
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Brand Protection


Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar safeguard your company’s brand name and reputation, your customers from the global criminal activity of counterfeit and often low quality, unsafe products retailed under your brand name.

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Hire Private Female Detective Agency in Jalandhar

About Jalandhar

detective-agency-jalandharJalandhar was previously known as Jullundur before the independence of India (i.e. under British Rule).It is a city in the Doaba region of the north-western Indian state of Punjab. Jalandhar is although a famous city but whether its more famous than other cities like Amritsar and Ludhiana is debatable.

Generally, the popularity of a city depends on a lot of factors like industries, education centers, historical significance, popularity in media, famous personalities etc.

Considering of education sector it’s improving a little better than other cities. Also, the hygiene followed here is very well as referring the garbage all over as it has seen in Ludhiana. Of course, Chandigarh is a planned is considered to be one of the well-developed city in Punjab but it has more poverty as well, rather more than in Jalandhar.

Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar

Our Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar is highly acclaimed as best private detective agency known for a strong pan-India presence and trusted for over 10 years of domain experience. Synonymous with unmatched investigative solutions, it is rated the most valued organization in the private investigative field for its impeccable track record and robust national network. Known for maintaining sustained excellence in the field of private investigation, the company has successfully been serving to all, private, public and government sectors, with great aplomb and great efficiency.

Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar is a premier private investigation agency offering a whole range of detective services to clients across industries and geographies. Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar has a robust national network with a big infrastructural set-up and fully-equipped offices in all major cities of India to support its operations. We offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are modern and supported with right human capital and innovative technology. Backed up by a strong team of  Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar and professionals, the agency has successfully solved over 5,000 cases for national and global brands alike to become a trusted brand.

In addition, Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar is a unique leader in the private investigation segment on the back of having the largest team of investigators in the segment and using the most sophisticated technologies available so far. All the offices are equipped with the latest gadgets and tools and give it a competitive edge in the market. With strategic locations and extensive networks spread out nationally, the agency reaches to virtually every corner of the country and serves clients with ease yet thorough professionalism.

Since Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar has a proven track record, it’s thus hired for a diversity of cases, including from personal investigation, professional cases, matrimonial searches, corporate investigations, employment searches, counterfeit investigation etc. With a team of experienced private investigators on its payroll, the agency finds it easy to solve cases of any complexity and nature. To top it all, it has access to the databases and information not available to any other player in the domain. The workforce of Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar comprises undercover agents and private detectives who work in a professional manner and get effective results together with maintaining the secrecy desired by clients.

Over the years, Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar has served the industry with distinction, achieved a preeminent position and won the trust and confidence of clients from across industries and nations. In the course of its existence, it has been bestowed with many awards and recognition to become perhaps one of the most sought after private detective agencies in the world. The major credit of its success goes to the owner Akriti Khatri (The youngest female Detective) brand in itself overseeing day-to-day operations and guiding the team with poise and assurance.

In overall, Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar an agency to show trust as it aims to become the most trusted private detective agency in the world and wishes to keep serving you in the best of abilities.

Our Mission

Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar offer a reliable & dependable private investigations services in India. The investigators of Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar team have critical knowledge about comprehensive Intelligence, Investigation, and support integrated with company values of total confidentiality, customer satisfaction, and thorough process management that deliver results.

Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar covers all type of investigation services like Pre Matrimonial Investigations, Post Matrimonial Detectives Investigations, Employment and background investigations, Pre-Employment detectives verifications and screening, Post-Employment investigations verifications, Insurance detectives Investigations, Corporate intelligence, fraud Investigation, Surveillances Detectives investigation Services, Competitors Intelligence and security services.


For boosting your company’s economy by deploying the dedicated, highly skilled and experienced investigators at Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar, provide, assert proactive damage control measures. Private Detective Agency in Jalandhar is continuously striving to apply anti-counterfeiting efforts and appropriate legal remedies for suspected entities.

The seasoned professionals of  Detective Agency in Jalandhar are having years of experience across various brand protection and IPR programs for government agencies, business houses, and independent organizations. We have an in-depth law enforcement knowledge for combating counterfeit products and product piracy.

The Detective Agency in Jalandhar team helps prevent and create a strong impact for overall awareness with distributors, retailers and other channels that could be affected by fraudulent activity so your company’s integrity is always maintained – through legitimate supply channels and you increase profits, your brand’s value and brand goodwill too!


May it is arranged or love marriage people approach Detective Agency in Jalandhar for a pre- matrimonial check for double confirmation before getting into a new relationship.Parents looking for a perfect match for their kids through matrimonial websites are more frequent in undergoing a pre-matrimonial investigation specifically the professional and background verification apart from the perpetual pre-mat package.

Detective Agency in Jalandhar toils hard on various methods including discreet surveillance to obtain the valuable evidence clients needs and once we have this, we will if required, co-ordinate with your legal representatives.

We are one of the versatile Matrimonial Detective Agency in Jalandhar. We provide both Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Investigation services that include the complete verification of an individual loyalty, personal, financial and other details in a confidential manner.

Detective Agency in Jalandhar also digs more about your marital partner’s family background, work profile, financial status and other personal life’s issues pre and post marriage as per your wish. In a matrimonial investigation assignments, Detective Agency in Jalandhar have some experienced investigating professionals, who can be familiar to gather all details regarding your love, Pre and Post marriage with an individual.


Detective Agency in Jalandhar can provide services quickly and efficiently since we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain the required information and risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff. Detective Agency in Jalandhar works with you to determine the information you need to make informed, responsible hiring decisions.

Detective Agency in Jalandhar helps to assemble the best team by picking up the right person for the right post. Therefore, it is important to verify the credentials of the employer before giving him the employment.


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