The main concern which people nowadays feel is with the confidentiality of the information which is imparted to an investigation firm by the client of the subject. Our company has certain ethics for handling the case.

  • Handing all the information carefully is the main aspect which is done by us.
  • Venus detective has a special team which distributes the case to the assigning team which looks after the confined information.
  • Maintaining the information of the clients a secret is the main thing that our company holds.
  • In our system, even our team doesn’t know who the client is. Their job is just to find the information of the subject and has nothing to do with the information of the client.
  • In our company even our left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.
  • The job of the team is just to gather the information and share it only with the client.
  • Our company even doesn’t save the data of the subject after being submitted to the client.
  • Once the report is delivered to the client it is removed from our system too in order to maintain the confidentiality.
  • To save the client from any illegal matter, the things are handled with care.

All the employees of our company follow all the policies in which the client is safeguard and maintain his secrecy is the main criteria and policy of our company. We have a team of well trained and expert people who knows how to safeguard all the confidential information.