How to Check Pre-Employment Verification?

Corona has affected many people very badly worldwide. Due to Corona (Covid-19), many people lost their job and many organizational economies were affected. In this situation, people are running in the race of finding a good job for them. To get a good and reputed job people to rely on their resume. Due to which the organization might face loss and bad effect on the company reputation. Detective Agency in Delhi, with their expert team, is available to support the organization. Pre-employment verification helps to identify the fraud and helps you to not hire the wrong candidate for your organization. It helps them to make the right decision and in selecting a qualified candidate.

Why Pre Employment Verification Service?

  • Candidates falsify their employment for hiding the periods of unemployment.
  • The position. Salaries and responsibilities are overstated.
  • The reasons for quitting are manipulated.
  • The experience stated may turn out to be untrue.


  • It is very challenging and difficult for employer verification for non-existent or closed companies. The investigation team tries to find out the details to verify the things through independent research and suitable references.
  • Doing phone-based verification is not reliable.

How employment verification is carried out?

This method is preferred to verify the entire employment history, work experience letters, salary slips. Here are some points included in employment verification:

  • Duration of Employment
  • Designation
  • Salary
  • Reporting manager details
  • Performance and professionalism
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehiring
  • Any issues encountered

In current employers, verification should never be conducted without the candidate’s permission, as it might negatively manipulate his/her career.

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