akriti khatri

Akriti Khatri, ahead of the horde and proved her worth

August 11, 2020

“‘Akriti, go find out who that guy is dating?’, ‘Akriti, find out if she likes me?’ -- you can say, I was an investigator since my school and college days. I was the reliable go-to person when someone wanted gossip!

Most of the time, I use to live out of state because of office work. My wife with my parents and one child lives in our house. It was two years of our marriage and she was good with me and my family. In two years I never feel like she is cheating on me or no...

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divorce case investigation in mumbai

The Negative Instinct for Divorce case in Mumbai

October 13, 2017
An incarnation of idol marriage or successful relationship does not exist in the present technical world. A maximum crowd of today’s working class couples is obsessed with fitness but a healthy relationship is ruptured day-by-day. The value of ethics, authenticity of relationsh...
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private investigator course

Private Investigator Course – VIIS

October 11, 2017

Private Investigator Course in India

Classy gestures, a professional knowledge, and amazing spying techniques are incorporated and inbuilt in a spying agent. To make a scrutinized detective, private detective agency has landed into the responsibilities of framing a Read More