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Trusting the person is easy but if someone broke your trust once so it’s quite difficult for the person to trust again on the same person or on the other person and especially in today’s world people don’t think twice to break one’s trust. So it is important to verify the eligibility of the trust before trusting the person.  There are many detective agencies in Delhi that provide many services to their customer and have professionally trained investigators who solve your cases and provide you all the pieces of evidence.

Venus detective is the no. one detective agency in Delhi working and ruling the field of investigators for more than 12 years and they are the only female detective agency in Delhi providing both personal and corporate services to their customers all over India.

  • Personal investigation services:-

Background checks, divorce/ maintenance cases, honey trapping online, infidelity/ cheating spouse, investigation software, pre-matrimonial, post matrimonial, surveillance, and video, and still photography/ collecting proof.

  • Corporate investigation services:-

physical surveillance, information missing persons, fraud investigation, due diligence, inventory related investigation, stock audits, brand protection, VAT audits TAX audits, mystery shopping, manpower audits retail shop promoters audits, application-based accounting fraud investigations, claim settlement verifications and audits, IMEI number related investigations, B2B audits and investigations and cybercrime investigation.

  • Role and service of the detective agency:-

There are various roles of a detective agency depends on which factor you hire them. It can be a personal or corporate investigation. Venus detective is the best detective agency in Delhi to find out all the information about the subject that matters to your clients. Detective agency provides you their services for a limited time period and at affordable prices. They are suitable for all the detective services and they also maintain all the secrecy while solving the case.

About Venus Detective Agency in Delhi:-

Venus detective is an India’s no. one detective agency in Delhi providing their services in every city in India to decrease the closeness between them and their clients. Venus detective is the only female detective agency in India ruling in the world of investigation. We are not only one private detective agency in Delhi but the only detective agency in many on which you are trust blindly by seeing the present scenario of the competition in the field. The investigation is very responsive work and our Private detective agency in Delhi does the work under the shadow of your trust and with maintaining the confidentiality of the case and without closing the name of our clients.

Venus detective is working in the field for more than 12 years and giving the correct and complete report with the pieces of evidence to the clients. we are not only skilled in investigate but also to keep the information about the client confidential .we not only solve the personal case but also do the corporate investigation in Delhi. We provide a range of services to our customers to solve their problems.  

In our team, we have investigators who have working experience in the Indian air force, CBI, IB, and in the Indian army and our investigation crew of corporate detective in Delhi are skilled IT engineers those are updated with the latest software and have all the knowledge related to the computer. They have solved thousands of cases with a large customer base. Our investigators talk the language of the facts and figures, recording voices in the crowd to whisper and seek the hidden images. Investigation of the lifestyle, contacts in and outside the office, off-time engagements, extra employment activities, etc. of employees in sensitive positions or suspected of disloyalty or of other misdemeanors towards your business.

Detective Agency gives many investigative services to their clients such as Corporate Investigation, extra-marital affairs, administering the ‘loyalty test’, pre-matrimonial, post matrimonial, divorce/maintenance cases. And has an office in many cities their centralized office in Noida with branches in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune

Services Offer By Private Detective Agency In Delhi:-   


Venus detective agency in Delhi provides many services to their customers such as Corporate Investigation, extra-marital affairs, administering the ‘loyalty test’, pre-matrimonial, post matrimonial, divorce/maintenance cases, cheating/infidelity spouse, surveillance, Background Checks, Spy Software, Video and still photography / Collecting proof and Honey trapping Online.

Love Affair Investigation:-  Love affair can be described in many ways like a college love affair, office love affair, neighborhood love affair, virtual love affair, and when married people or people those who are in a serious relationship having doubt or getting some signs that their partner is cheating on them or having a  love affair with someone else and in these case we follow the person and get the evidence about the person that are necessary for the confront the guilty of the subject.

Surveillance:-.  Private detective agencies handle the cases by using the extraordinary latest and advanced gadgets; we serve background check investigation, undercover shopper, background investigation companies. Surveillance is the backbone of every case. The private detective observes or follows someone systematically and deliberately to get information about the person that where the person is going, with whom they are going, how they are going. 

Pre Matrimonial Investigation: – marriage is a decision that changes the life of the person.  So it an important to get all the information about the person with whom you are going to be married. It’s always a risky decision taken by one without the proper background check of the person and his or her family especially seeing a current situation when there are so many matrimonial frauds, boys and girls are facing. Then you should go with the pre-matrimonial investigation to know all the information about your wood to be partner whether he or she has an affair or having any bad habits etc. because there are many cases related to married life such as abuse, harassment, cheating, love affair, and many more.

Post Matrimonial Investigation:  after few years of marriage if you find a change in the behavior of your partner as your spouse has started keeping secret from you, coming late at night, spending more time outside the house, then it’s time to take a stand and go for the Post Matrimonial investigation. so you can get the pieces of evidence and should take the right decision about your life that you want to continue the relationship or want to get separate. Nowadays we came to know about lots of unfair relationship cases like a person’s extramarital relations or spouses are involved in a kind of adultery. They have not any control over the situation or person. And it also affects the life of the children and even their whole family by just doing that inappropriate stuff.

Background check:-  it’s a  process through which a company or a person verify about the individual that the information that has been giving by that person is true or not and it also helps to know about someone’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other activities from their past. Mostly background checks are done by the organization when someone applies for the job in their organization. But it can also happen at any time the employer feels it necessary. There are many methods that are used to complete these checks including comprehensive database search and personal references.

Check extramarital affairs:-  Extramarital affairs often stem from overall marital dissatisfaction and existing marital issues between the partners. There are many signs through which you can check that your partner is having an extramarital affair or not such as Avoidance of sexual intimacy, your partner has Stopped posting about the family on social media, Unexplained expenses, you observe the change in attitude, Increasingly unreachable, Sudden attention to physical appearance, New hobbies, Secretive and mysterious behavior, Stops posting about the family on social media, Possessiveness over the mobile phone or Increasingly longer work hour.

      Who is the Private Detective?        

A private detective is a professionally trained person who is hired by an individual or a group to investigate the subject. These jobs are unlike other regular professional nine-to-five jobs. They don’t spend their full time in the office they spend an ample amount of time in the field investigating the cases,  private investigators are the person who is responsible for looking deeper into the case and are capable of finding the proves and information about the clients.

A private detective is a broad field profession and they are specialized in many areas such as personal investigation, corporate Investigation, online or offline crime, and Protection and Security. They are also responsible for analyzing the proves and information about financial, legal, and personal matters and find facts and figures about cases.

Duties performed by the Private Detective:-

  • Interview people to gather information
  • Do countless types of searches by using computer or non-computerized records
  • Collect evidence to present in court
  • Verify income, facts, and employment on a person’s background
  • Follow, watching or looking at the target person without getting noticed (Conduct surveillance)
  • Solve the causes of crime, missing-persons cases fraud, and many more
  • Investigate online crimes, such as illegal downloads and identity theft

Skills Private Detective should have:-

  • Attention to detail.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Surveillance skills
  • The ability to work for long periods
  • They should have the research skills.
  • Should have the Critical thinking skills

 How Venus Detective Work As a Private Detective Agency in Delhi?


Venus detective agency has the ‘VISION’ to provide all the answers to the differences of their clients and the Venus detective agency has the investigators who work on the case till the clients do to achieves satisfaction. They have customers all over India who are not just satisfied but they feel delightful and their ‘MISSION’ of supreme private investigation Delhi to wipe tears of being deceived. Provision of a one-stop solution for various safety and security needs of an organization. 

Venus detective work in the Delhi and the main role of the agency is to find all the shreds of evidence prove and information that clients want about the subject. The Private Detective Agency in Delhi gives the services that give the advantages of the time and money to their customers and they provide services at a limited time period and at affordable prices. We are suitable for all the kind of detective service either you hire us for corporate investigation or for personal investigation.

Private detectives have enough knowledge of law and orders and have a good connection with the government institutes. Because some cases are quite complex and need some legal help. So in these cases, a private detective takes the help of some legal authorities.

Private investigation is a diverse field of work and every case is different from the other and all the cases need a different methodology to solve cases, therefore a Private Investigator should be a very intriguing, gripping, and diverting personality. Venues detective is the no. one and the only female company in India which provides all the services of the investigation to their customers, and we have a highly trained and experienced team of private investigators in Delhi who have wide-ranging solutions to resolve the issues faced by clients.