Pre Matrimonial

pre matrimonial

Lot many marriages without adequate information about the prospective bride and bridegroom, their financial status and family lead to unhappy and broken marriages.
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Love Affair


Do you have a cheating spouse, future spouse, or significant other seeing someone else? Are you worried about a divorce settlement or child custody issues? Do you really have reasons to be concerned?
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Backbone is required for human body to stand straight without which anybody can have the balance of the complete body. Similarly, Surveillance is the backbone of Investigation.
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Corporate Investigation

Businessman Analyzing Document

The dot com revolution has invaded the sanctity of the institution of arranged marriages, unlike the earlier days when marriages were held usually within the known families.
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Welcome to Private Detective agency in India

photoVerification of credentials such as educational qualifications, previous work experience, criminal history and reputation of your existing and prospective employees specially in sensitive positions

Investigation of the life style, contacts in and outside the office, off-time engagements, extra employment activities etc. of employees in sensitive positions or suspected of disloyalty or of other misdemeanors towards your business

Development of systems and procedures to protect strategic business information (manual and/or computerised) from leakage or misuse

Provision of one-stop solution for various safety and security needs of an organization